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Meet the Shredded Peak Crew



Owner, Sales + Marketing

Co-Founder, Yuri Smith has a Commerce degree from the University of Lethbridge,  and is currently working towards his Executive Master of Business Administration degree. Yuri has a passion for start-ups and sales, being named in the top 50 real estate agents under age 35 in Canada twice, and his other venture, Grassroots Realty, being named to the Macleans Magazine Top 50 Fastest Growing Startups in Canada in 2020. Yuri's skills include sales, marketing, customer service as well as proven success with startups and managing people, assets and corporate leadership.

Yuri handles the logistics, financial management, sales, customer service and marketing.


Yuri loves the thrill of seeing gaps in the market place and filling them with cutting edge marketing, business development and advanced strategic leadership principles.

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