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Top Quality SHERPS With All The Extras

Our mandate is not only to be the safest, most reliable and professional SHERP Rental Company in Canada, but we also want the customer experience to be as enjoyable as possible. As avid outdoor enthusiasts, and safety professionals, we thought of all the extras to make your trip more enjoyable, safer and stress-free.

At Shredded Peak, we rent low-hour, customized SHERP PRO units in excellent working order, with all the upgrades our clients have asked for.

Our units go through rigorous maintenance, inspections and tests by our in-house Journeyman heavy duty mechanic before every trip you or your company make, allowing you to focus on getting the job done, whether that be for work or play. With Shredded Peak Sherp, safety and reliability for our customers is our primary concern. We believe in a proper maintenance and safety protocol for our machines. That's why our units all come standard with safety, survival and maintenance equipment for your peace of mind.



The Bells and Whistles:

Included with Every Rental:

30" Curved Lightbar on Front

30" Lightbar on Rear

Custom Roll Over Protection Cage

Custom Roof Rack

Bluetooth Soundbar

Garmin GPS

Back-up Camera

Interior + External LED Lighting

First Aid Kit + Supplies
Flares + Fire Starter
Fire Extinguisher
Survival Gear + Food pouches
Spare Fuel
Tool Kits + Repair Manuals
Bear spray


Camping Kit

Medic Kit

Cooking Kit


SHERP ATVs are environmentally friendly, reliable and low-maintenance work-horses created to work in extreme conditions.

- Crosses any type of Canadian terrain: water, sand, ice, snow,

swamps, mud, slush, fallen trees, and more.
- Climbs a step of 1 meter high;
- Climbs slopes up to 35 degrees;
- Gets easily out of the water onto the ice;
- Max. speed up to 40 km/h;
- Low environmental impact + carbon footprint

- Drives up to 4000km on one tank (can carry 280 liters of diesel);
- Inflation to max. pressure 3Psi in 30 seconds over engine exhaust;
- Centralized Pneumo-circulation Suspension makes SHERP ATV extremely stable and smooth driving;
- Ability to Stay in SHERP ATV for multiple days with WEBASTO independent diesel heater;
- SHERP ATV water displacement is more than 3,200 liters and makes SHERP unsinkable;
- Tubeless Extra-low Pressure Tires with maximum pressure 3Psi;

Our machines are helping people to perform their jobs in places they never could have dreamed of before!

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